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We can’t back it up with science just yet, but we’re convinced there’s a correlation between wearing cute workout clothes and, you know, actually working out. After all, what better place to show off your super-chic leggings than a cycling or hot yoga class? If you want to seal the deal on your New Year’s resolutions—and actually keep your fitness goals alive long after January 31—you’re in luck: Lululemon recently added a lot of pieces to its We Made Too Much section.

So, how does it work? When Lululemon accidentally overstocks its coveted activewear, the company offers steep discounts on its excess pieces. The brand rarely slashes the prices of its fan-favorite leggings, tops, and bras otherwise, so this section gives you the option to buy awesome workout clothes for a steal.

Get excited and peruse through 10 deals worth adding to your cart, below.

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Sleet Street Long Jacket



Take your love of Lululemon to the great outdoors in this insulated jacket. With a discreet hood and hemline that hits just above the knee, this coat will give you plenty of coverage as you battle the winter chill.


Always Alert 1/2 Zip



Getting a head start on your marathon training? This half-zip is the perfect extra layer for those brisk outdoor runs.


3-Pack On the Fly Socks


$19 to $24

Lululemon’s sale section is a great opportunity to stock up on the everyday essentials, like ankle socks. Not only is this pair designed to keep your feet cool and dry, but the Y-shaped heel also prevents the socks from slipping. Game changer.


28-Inch Align Pants


$69 to $79

Lululemon’s Align Pants are ideal for your favorite hot yoga class. With four-way stretch and a lightweight, breathable design, this pair will let you move through your vinyasa flow with ease.


Broken Beats Tank


$29 to $34

It doesn’t matter if you want to style it with high-waisted leggings or show off your defined abs, this tank will look stylish through any and all workouts.


30L On My Level Bag


Between the attachable shoulder strap and the mesh pocket for sweaty gear, this spacious bag is excellent for toting around your workout clothes and sneakers.


3.5-Inch Always Airy Run Shorts



Pro tip: Buy these swishy shorts now and you’ll have a fresh pair ready to wear once the temperature rises. Yes, we’re already counting down the days until spring.


Short Sweet and Sherpa Jacket



Found: a wearable blanket that will make your morning trips to the gym slightly more bearable.


28-Inch Fast and Free Mid-Rise Tights



You’ll receive plenty of compliments on these printed mid-rise workout pants.


Run Times Bra



Finally: a supportive sports bra, available in two colors, that doesn’t sacrifice style. You’ll be wondering why you even packed a shirt in the first place.

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