Online Shopping Tips and Tricks — Best Online Shopping Hacks 2020

So you went HAM online, but when your haul arrives, that super-cute midi is actually a maxi and…it looks like a garbage bag. And by “you,” I mean me, because this is a regular occurrence in my life and I’m sick of being burned! It ends now! Let’s both promise to stick to this list and never f*ck with return labels again!

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All. The. Tricks.

Keep an eye out for vidz.

Stylists often pin and clip to make clothes fit models perfectly, but 360-degree loops show exactly how your purchase-to-be will look IRL. You don’t have time for games!

An example of a video of Reformation jeans featured on Net-A-Porter.

And another on the models.

If they’re an extra-small but wearing a medium for a boxy lewk, consider ordering a bigger size too. Also worth the mention: Brands that show products on a range of body types are typically A+ on tailoring. Fit issues? Not their (or your) prob.

Look at all this helpful info on Good American’s website!

Go in on those customer pics.

Scroll alllll the way down. That’s where you’ll find shots of actual ppl in the blouse you love and get a sense of whether the buttons’ll gape and show everyone your bra. (Been there, my friend.)

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Real customer pics on Instagram featured on Summersalt.


Check the cleaning rules.

If an item says “dry-clean only,” “lay flat to dry,” or “hand-wash cold,” that’s enough info to help you decide if it’s worth the extra inconvenience. (Hint: It’s probs not.) Harsh but real. Sorry to this man knit sweater.

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Say it with me: Google knows all.

Feel good about splurging on a chic wrap dress? Good! But a quick hunt on the Goog (brand + specific product name) might help ya find it on another site for cheaper. Don’t @ me, but pretty sure search engines were invented for savvy shopping.

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Searching the exact A.L.C. sweater shows how varied the prices are.


Be honest with yourself. Really.

That one-shoulder embellished top = way extra, but you’ve also never seen anything more beautiful? Check your closet to see if you can find multiple pieces to pair it with—or if it’s just gonna end as another footnote in your novel, I’m Going to Wear This! (And Other Lies I Told Myself).

Hold a moment, pls.

Before clicking “purchase,” let the merch sit in your cart for up to two weeks. As more inspo hits, you can add to your bag, helping you meet free-shipping minimums without collecting rando impulse buys. AND this may save you $$$ if any of your choices happen to go on sale.


Don’t be stuck with a god-awful skirt bc you missed the fine print. You’re better than that.

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