Auto Pawn Loans — How to Avoid Your Car Being Repossessed

Most people wouldn’t think twice about pawning personal property when they need quick cash, but they would definitely hesitate before pawning their car. Your vehicle is an essential part of family routine. It helps you get to work and back, and you probably also use it to transport your family and groceries every day.

But there are times in life when it can be more than just a way to get around town. In times of emergency, your vehicle can help you get title auto loans, without having to give up your car. When you apply for a title auto loan, most reputable lenders will let you keep and drive your car while you repay the debt. All you need is a clear pink slip that you can use as collateral to secure the debt.

For borrowers with a low credit score, title auto loans can be used as a bad-credit instrument that can give them the quick cash they need to tackle an emergency. They don’t even have to go to the neighborhood pawn shop in order to pawn their car.

As long as they have a clear title on a vehicle that is paid up or nearly paid up, they can apply for an auto pawn loan online and get approval within minutes. There are online lenders that specialize in title auto loans and make it easier and safer to get the cash you need.

How Lenders Protect Their Investment When Offering Title Auto Loans

Because the lender is offering you a higher-limit loan secured by your car title, they may often take steps to protect their investment, especially if you have already demonstrated a history of defaulting on loan payments.

Here are some of the actions that lenders are known to take to protect themselves and their investment, in case they have to repossess your vehicle:

— They could retain the title of the car with them until you have repaid the debt completely

— They could take pictures of the car to help identify it, in case the lender needs to repossess it

— They may ask you to supply them with a second set of keys in case of repossession

— They could even install a GPS system in the car to track it down easily in case of repossession

How to Avoid Your Car Being Repossessed by an Auto Pawn Loan Lender

Because it costs money and time to repossess a vehicle and resell it in order to recover a debt, this is almost always the last resort for a lender when a loan is delinquent. Before the lender decides that its time to repossess a vehicle, they will usually exhaust all other options before this course of action becomes inevitable.

If you miss any of your auto pawn loan payments, your lender will first send a notice of a missed payment before they initiate repossession. To avoid this situation, it would be wise to make payments early rather than waiting for their due date.

Lenders will allow you multiple ways to make payments, including post-dated checks. But if you tend to have a problem keeping track of when your payments are due, the best way to ensure that they go through on time is by making them via electronic debit from your bank account.

If you make your payments on schedule, according to the strict regulations of the loan agreement, it will reflect positively on your credit score and could even help you reestablish your credit. Once you improve your credit score, you can get access to better sources of credit and should never again have to think of taking title auto loans on your vehicle.